Open daily
9 am - 5 pm
from Friday, November 25th until dusk on Christmas Eve

Santa’s Hours: Saturday:
10 am - 4 pm Sunday:
Noon - 4 pm

Accepting cash
or check only.

We kindly ask that you leave your pets at home.

What we have to offer...

Hot cider, wreaths, greens, roping, cemetery mounds, antiques, crafts and gifts in the barn.

Santa, wagon rides and snack barn on the weekend.

A variety of tree stands are available as well as tree bags and watering spouts.


Saws, Carts, Shaking, Baling and Drilling


Tips on selecting a real tree at Cherry Grove Christmas Tree Farm

Remember, the Christmas trees purchased from local Christmas tree farms are as fresh as a Christmas tree can ever be.

Evaluate your needs before departing for the farm.

What you should expect when you arrive at the farm?

Now you're ready to load up and head home to decorate your Real Christmas Tree.

Follow NCTA's tips for caring for a Real Christmas Tree, and keep in mind that the freshness of a tree you just cut is greater than that of one from a retail lot. Trees from the Cherry Grove Christmas Tree Farm won't absorb as much water initially as other trees because it has not had time to dry out, unless you don't put it into a water holding stand right away.

Source: National Christmas Tree Association



National Christmas Tree Association Christmas Spirit Foundation


Home Directions Selecting a Tree